Systematic innovation is focussed on all aspects of innovation and our vision is ‘to enable others to improve the world through innovation’.

We are passionate about innovation, idea generation and problem solving and over the past 10 years we have developed a powerful set of systematic thinking tools and processes that enable individuals and teams innovate and, generate high volumes of ideas on demand and solve the toughest of problems (even those of a highly complex and technical nature).

Our approaches are based upon what we term behavioural science (psychological and behavioural factors that either help or hinder innovation) and problem engineering (highly successful approaches to idea generation and problem solving). Combined and applied to our eight stage innovation process they are proven to be both powerful and extremely effective.

We offer consultancy, training, facilitated workshops and support throughout the whole innovation cycle.

Following consultation, this typically means that we:

  • Train and develop individuals and teams in all aspects of innovation to enable them to innovate effectively for themselves
  • Run problem solving workshops facilitating the use of our systematic tools and processes to solve specific problems (100% success rate)
  • Run product/service design workshops facilitating the use of our systematic tools and processes

If you would like more information on our work, you can get in touch by using the form below.


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